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We're all in this together

How things have changed since our last newsletter! The whole world is dealing with a pandemic that is affecting our lives in so many ways, making it hard for everyone to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Here at Sunbeam, we are doing much of the usual work we do to prepare for the fishing and family vacation season, however there continue to be restrictions in place, so opening up is a ‘wait and see’ situation for now. At some point, hopefully soon, there will be fewer restrictions and we will be able to welcome you here for a family or fishing getaway.

Good news: spring is doing its best to arrive! The lake was ice-free much earlier than in the past few years, and there are only remnants of snow in the shaded forest areas. The three day snowfall we are experiencing right now - which was definitely not the weather we were looking for! - is melting fast. Grass is already turning green, trees are showing buds and gardens are showing signs of life. There is hope!

Work on cottages has been continuing, with new roofs completed on cottages #5 and #6 in late February. We were hoping to start additional cottages, however that work had to be postponed and our current investment focus is on the huge new dock building project. The construction of the dock is finally underway and is looking wonderful. There have been some weather delays, a two week work stoppage due to COVID-19 emergency orders, other unforeseen situations, and it really is an enormous undertaking. Despite all that, it is very exciting to see it gradually coming together - and we can’t wait to be able to enjoy it!

Please keep us in mind for a well deserved break once you are able to take a vacation…there are openings in June and there are some summer weeks (July/August) that are not usually available where availability has opened up. Also, many people have pushed their dates ahead to the fall, so we are forecasting a busy season then as an Ontario vacation will likely be a popular alternative to travelling abroad. Give us a call if you have something in mind (1 877 298 9998)…we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Meanwhile, stay safe and be kind!

Best fishes,

Darren & Sarah


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