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Fall Wrap

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the News page!

We always have full intentions of doing more frequent updates, (and there is certainly no shortage of ‘news’ to report), but time seems to get the best of us. Going forward, we will try to update more frequently, however you can count on a post at the start and end of each season. Thank you for visiting the site, and keeping up with the happenings at The Beam by checking our news updates.

After our last update early in the summer, we continued through the remainder of the summer season welcoming many of our regular guests, as well as lots of new ones taking the place of our American guests, who still could not come because of border restrictions.

However, by August 9 the government did allow Americans to cross the border to Canada, with some stipulations of course. We were pleased to be able to welcome our first Americans back a few weeks later and numerous others through the fall season. Welcome back, and thank you for taking all the steps required to make it back!

As mentioned in our previous update, we have had multiple power outlets installed on our new docking system, (after all permits & inspections were finalized) and as a result we have been able to add more lighting there, for both aesthetic reasons and safety. We also placed a large order for wooden Muskoka chairs and wooden tables to fill up our large marina deck, providing ample sitting areas, as well as more comfort, and making things look bright and colourful. The weight of these chairs, in comparison to the plastic Adirondack chairs, is much more appropriate for the conditions presented by being close to the water and exposed to the elements.

We really had an enjoyable and busy fall season and, as we always seem to do, welcomed many familiar as well as new faces. There were plenty of great catches, and a few that ‘got away’, (only giving more incentive to keep trying).

Although we never really close down completely, (since we offer winter accommodations for the ice fishing season) the Thanksgiving weekend is more or less the last main weekend for the tourist season. At that point we start to reduce the fleet of boats down to a minimal few until the end of October, start putting away the seasonal activity equipment, and prepare to shut down the non-winterized cottages. Besides the usual seasonal closing down duties, such as winter prep all of the cottage crawl spaces, we have also been doing some general repairs, deck repairs, and numerous roofs. We did all of the back 3-bedroom cottages at this time last year, and have now just completed the townhouse complex, units #14 & #16, as well as the fish cleaning hut. That’s a lot of shingles!

All boats will be fully prepped for winter by the end of the coming week, serviced & tarped. The non-winterized cottages will be fully closed in the first week of November, when the long-range forecast currently seems favourable to allow this to happen without much worry about water lines freezing up.

Both ice fishing and spring bookings are starting to come in, so if you are giving some thought to either option, now is the time to ensure the availability that you want. For spring bookings, you can check the calendar on the site's availability page (except on mobile view), and don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us anytime for information.

Thank you all again for taking the time to read our news. We will post our season ending letter in the New Year, and perhaps something sooner should we have any timely news to share.

D & S.


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