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2021 in Review

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Greetings Sunbeamers! Another year has once again come and gone here at Sunbeam, and as we reflect on our 2021 season, we’re overwhelmed remembering the many great times, the many new memories made, the great catches…(and the ones that got away), and so many traditions continued! We want to thank you all for your continued support. For those of you who have returned year after year, for those of you who visited us for the first time, and to those who continue to hold out for a great return once this is pandemic is finally over… we thank you all!

We apologize for the lateness of this news update. We strive to be prompt, however between winter keeping us busy, some unforeseen events over the last few months, and waiting to ensure there would be no more lockdowns to come, things were slightly delayed. When it rains, it seems to pour here at Sunbeam, however we always seem to prevail and come out bigger and better! We cannot wait for the upcoming season, when we can welcome you all back!

It was only in mid-August last year that we were (finally!) given the green light to welcome back our American friends! It was too late in the season for some at that point, however for those who could make it, our hugs were a bit tighter and a bit longer, as it had been way too long! We realize nothing is easy these days, so we thank you for taking the required steps needed to make it back!

We have continued to enjoy our new docks, and (knock on wood… no pun intended) made it through another year with no destruction! Even the strong winds couldn’t budge our docking system! We’ve continued to improve the docks by installing multiple power outlets, which in turn enabled us to add more lighting, for both aesthetic reasons and safety. We’ve also upped our seating areas by extending portions of the dock, as well as purchasing a large number of wooden Muskoka chairs, adding to existing seating areas, and creating new ones! We have also just purchased an additional 24 mesh lounge chairs to replace all of the hard plastic ones, giving you even more seating, as well as comfort. We have also added a new attachment to our water trampoline to go along with the already existing slide: the Rave ‘aqua launch’. (Google it…it looks like a lot of fun!)

There was big news from the MNRF announced for the 2022 fishing season back in the early fall: the slot size for Lake Nipissing Walleye will change after 7 years with the existing 46cm (18.11”), or greater, size. The new slot size, (where we are in fact back to an actual slot) is 40 – 45cm (15.75” – 17.72”). Although it might seem like a small window, the Walleye are plentiful in this range, and the current ice fishing season is really proving this to be accurate.

There was another big announcement regarding the Bass season, which has always opened on the 3rd Saturday in June: it will now open in May, coinciding with our opening weekend! (Third Saturday in May). So you have an additional incentive to try a spring fishing trip, given the recent Bass & Walleye changes.

We always continue with day-to-day maintenance & improvements (whether big or small), when the opportunity presents itself, and always will continue efforts to ensure that Sunbeam is that much better than the rest! Whether it be some fresh paint, new patio furniture, additional seating areas or gazebos, additional lighting, or new flooring, for example. We have also made some larger purchases in the way of new couches & chairs for cottages #5, #6, #23, #24, #27, #28 & #29. In addition, we have purchased new stoves for cottages #23, #26, & #27, eliminating the standing pilot lights.

If anyone has any great photos that they would like to share, whether it be a sunset, beach, bonfire, or (obviously) some great fish pictures, please send them along and we will get those on to the website!

Thank you for your past, present & future support. We have sent out confirmation cards in the mail for those who have rebooked. The deposit deadline indicated is March 15th, however, due to a few unexpected delays from our end, (as mentioned above), we have extended that date to March 31st/22.

Keep on dreamin' about those beautiful spring, summer & fall nights to come here at The Beam.


Darren & Sarah


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