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Rising above the flood!

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Spring 2019 high water level causes destruction

First of all, we’re sorry to have left it so long before this update in 2019…however, as you probably know from weather reports across the province and beyond, this spring brought catastrophic lake levels to many communities, and we have been incredibly busy since then dealing with the aftermath of the spring high winds and water. The marina’s rock breakwall was submerged and could not prevent two outer bays of the marina from being torn apart by the forces of nature. The water rose well beyond the gas pump, up the launch ramp and beach and was high enough to cover the deck in front of the boat house. There seemed to be no way boats could be launched and moored. However, amazingly, we did open on time, were able to put boats in the water in the inner bay (moored mostly underwater to begin with!) and have been blessed with great weather all season, despite the fact that it took a while for the water to go down to a more normal level. There will of course have to be a major reconstruction of the marina docks and the big deck. We’ll keep you updated on those developments later on.

Launch ramp underwater

Our spring guests who braved the high water in rubber boots, walking along the partially submerged walkways to reach their boats, took it all in stride and experienced some great fishing in spite of it all.

We cordoned off both ends of the marina deck because of the damage beyond, but were able to brighten the look of the deck with splashy (pun intended) new red umbrellas at the picnic tables - a salute to Canada Day and a tribute to the persistence of everyone working here in getting things rolling again. As the water level dropped, we could see even more of the damage, however that didn’t dampen our efforts to keep up the regular summer events in July & August, such as the weekly beach bonfire with live music, the camp BBQ suppers and the kids’ treasure hunts. One of the best summers ever for consistently good weather, and no fire bans! Also, as usual, there were ongoing improvements to cottages, such as the new screen doors added where they did not exist before, or replaced. (Props to Sarah for her work in carefully staining every single one!). We’ve heard from guests that they really appreciate being able to have a screened open door and love the new look!

We’re very thankful that our guests had a great time this year, with successful fishing, beautiful weather, the usual amazing sunsets, and, in many cases, meeting up again with family and friends who return here year after year. The season’s open until October 15, so if you’re looking for a fall getaway, whether for fishing or relaxation, give us a call 1-877-298-9998. Call us also if you are interested in winter stays for activities such as ice fishing and snowmobiling.

Words can’t really convey how happy and relieved we are that we made it through the season, and it really is thanks to our hard working crew, our own determination to provide what you expect from us, and especially thanks to our guests, with their understanding and loyalty.

A huge THANK YOU to all of you from us!

Darren & Sarah

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